Monday, 12 March 2012

Toronto Fashion Week

Juicy jewel colours. Precision pleats. Deft draping. These were the cornerstones of the Greta Constantine fall 2012 collection that came down the runway Friday night in the sumptuous renovated space Arcadian Loft in the Simpson Tower on Bay Street.

This precisely focused collection at Toronto Fashion Week from designers Stephen Wong and Kirk Pickersgill featured a lineup of form-fitting dresses and modern jumpsuits with some nifty pleats, tucks and architectural shoulders. The element of danger was further enhanced with their signature Grecian jersey dresses, some updated with gladiatorial harnesses made with tiny mirrored disks.
When they veered from such danger play, they softened things by adding chunky knits for cuddly texture.
This display of haute strictness of line and form included their inverted peplum experimentation, a tulle ruffle placed under a dress at the waist. No woman wants anything that looks like a tire around her waist.
It was a strong collection that confirmed the Greta boys’ fast-tracking design career is approaching mach speed.

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