Monday, 12 March 2012

Paris Fashion Week gets Retro Video 2012

PARIS: Fashion delved into past times for inspiration on Saturday, conjuring up nostalgic ready-to-wear collections that journeyed back years to the structured gilding of the Restoration and the high collars of the 19th century via a splash of punk.
British fashion icon Vivienne Westwood, whose collection showcased some four centuries of English dressing, said that fashion "builds on the styles of the past in order to move forward."
But since fashion is a commercially-minded industry, could imagining different times just be a way of escape from the present financial woes?

Danish design duo Viktor & Rolf looked at the midnight moon in a strong Victorian-tinged homage to nighttime sensuality with lavish, high-collared furs.
Paris' enfant terrible Jean Paul Gaultier, meanwhile, gave a polished offering that revisited the 1980s with a typical array of tongue-in-cheek humour.
Sunday, day 6 of the Paris ready-to-wear calendar, will include shows by Hermes and Givenchy.
 Paris Fashion Week gets Retro Video 2012:

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