Tuesday, 12 July 2011

All Star Ggame

Major League Baseball Home and view the controversial initiative in 2003, giving the home field advantage in the World Championship for the league to win the All-Star game. This move was based on the assumption that high stakes would increase the tension, and injection of something other than pride will be a natural supporter of assessments. Such a change would also reduce the likelihood of the presence of Commissioner Bud Selig to get rid of his shoulders in response to last summer's mid-tie Classic embarrassing.

But the reforms to the tradition comes with a price, which was visible when the National League manager Bruce Bochy regurgitate a list of revisions in late on in the media before the All-Star game 82.
With the big names of the rescue hour before the holiday and the Bahamas, cookouts or family consultations to evaluate the bone, and asked if he gave any thought Bochy calls to St. Louis first baseman Albert Pujols with the invitation. True, Pujols is having a less-than-average season, according to his standards. But it is still the most prolific hitter of his generation, and he made clear recently that it would be like playing in Phoenix.

"I caught the wind in the late Albert really wants to come here, said Bochy", but I had too much made up my mind that I was going to go with a third catcher to give me flexibility. '

List of flexibility by virtue of a third catcher. Now there is the theme of this commitment to keep fans focused for nine innings.

No offense to Bochy, who has a mandate to win the game, or in the state of Arizona, Miguel Monteiro, solid hitter who ranks third among the fishermen in the league with a large 0.796 OPS. But the machinations of the table tell you everything you need to know about celebrations of the All-Star this year, taking place under the scorching desert sun in the summer and the moon shining in the state of Arizona.

However, if there are a few more stars.

Before we focus on the players who will participate in the Chase field Tuesday night, it says to run down some names that will not. Cain, for a variety of reasons, Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera, Alex Rodriguez, Brown, Ryan, cheerful Jones, David Price, Sabathia CC, Verlander Justin, Reyes, Jose Hamels Cole, Felix Hernandez, Matt John Leicester are among the 16 players who are selected will not be suited up for the game.

And Rudd and fun, both recovering from knee surgery. Brown does not appear in a game since July 2 because of a calf, and Reyes on the disabled list because of a hamstring injury. If you want all the stars in the mobile, it is impossible to fault any of them for not playing.

Jeter is the biggest dilemma in public relations. He backed out of the All-Star Game on Thursday, then went at 5 to 5 against Tampa Bay on Saturday, and became a player 28 to join the 3000 club hit.

He said that one report is "exhausted Jeter''of his quest for up to 3000 visits, although he spent two weeks recently on the list of disabilities. At the very least, is to deny Jeter baseball from mid-summer we welcome a good feeling for a moment, at worst it ignored customers pay and live by a different set of rules from most of his peers, and it would be interesting to see if fans send him a message by leaving him off their all-star vote, if he hit .260 this time next year.

Then there is the Chicago Cubs third baseman Aramis Ramirez, who made a big push to promote its all-star credentials, and then declined in late invitation Bochy. Ramirez said the book, it has gone, if requested on Saturday night, but that Sunday it was too late. Come again?

Combine any of the players mentioned here in Phoenix, absent a specific name, but it seemed a recurring theme: Select All-Star Game remains of honor, and the players have an obligation to go if possible.

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