Tuesday, 12 July 2011

5 Ways To Get Perfect Eyebrows

Certainly, these are the eyes that give you the attractions and make the evening a woman in the party. Eyebrows improve the ability of the magic eyes. It also has the ability to communicate. As a result of the eyebrows should be well balanced, making the curve with a nice dark tone. Should reduce their numbers and it completely. Eyes and eyebrows is the first feature people notice. Gives a freshness to them and enchant the people around you.

Most of the women give the ignorance to the eyebrows. They say that if were not perfect eyebrows may, it will not give them any setback. They assume that if the surprise and even the UN, looking ugly and clumsy, what can they do? They are wrong, but can do a lot to look perfect. In fact they have cut diamonds from the United Nations, which should be groomed and polished.

Some women think they do not need to give time to beautify his eyebrows, so they shave themselves. Moreover, they make a fake line, thin eyebrows and such, which represent the old days with the actresses.

There are three options can give the perfect eyebrows, waxing, plucking the strings. Plucking the front of the mirror will provide your expenses, but it is a risk that could undermine the eyebrows, so be careful. It is advice you to start work from the point of view and not be taken away. Right and left eyebrow even should, if not, and balances them first.

After seeing in the mirror, and if there is any gap in the eyebrows and fill it with eyebrow pencil. Remember the color of pen should match with the color of your hair. To save the brows in place, and apply a layer of gel brow.

Five ways to perfect eyebrows

EyebrowsWhen perfect to get people to ignore the importance of the primary things such as eyebrows, they committed a big mistake. Follow the road five, you will have the perfect appearance.

1 - Before starting work, and make the choice. See Journal of inspiration or beauty concern to the Internet. Download fairy looking faces and choose one for yourself. Remember one thing, it is not necessary that what you want, to suit your face. Eyebrows in a different form, and make your choice according to the feature and the structure of the face, such as a round, curved, thin and flat.

2 - Now keep in mind the kind of surprise and special effects. You have to take a decision according to the cut face. If your face is oval-cut, then you may select any form. But the face of the round arched eyebrows are the most appropriate, because this kind of faces need a little sharpness and edge. It should surprise round and cut his face to be square or rectangular.

3 - When you make a final decision on the form, you should know about the size of your eyebrows for your face. Take a pencil or rule in your hand and keep it parallel to your nose. See where your eyes on this side begins. Here the point where you have to start working on your eyebrows. With the marking pen to make charcoal. Another point to make your eyes where the ends. Do the same for marking on the other side of the nose. Now is a limitation that must be for you to work. While the thickness of the eyebrows of concern, it depends on your will.

4 - Now you have to decide either to want to sit on a chair or any cosmetics you will do it yourself. You have a lot of options, such as trimming, tweezing, waxing and threading to groom your eyebrows. But remember one fact to do self is risky and may result in any damage to your eyebrows, so it will be better to go to any salon. They give good performance and satisfaction.

5 - After giving the best shape of your eyebrows, the color of their pencil to add more beauty.

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