Saturday, 15 September 2012


 The Astroturf catwalk and neon flowers should have been warning enough - Jasper Conran was about to go all hippy on us. Beautiful barefoot, blow-dried models wore an array of short shorts and Glastonbury-appropriate attire. It started out well with a sequinned Breton-striped mini (which we later saw in red, silver and a multi-coloured honeycomb pattern), appliquéd dark denim, blazers and biker jackets with nothing underneath - unrealistic but it looked good all the same - but then the psychedelic onslaught began.Orange and pink, a splash of gingham and some patchwork too. Sequinned, see-through, super-short - it was all there
The patchwork ballgown was a nice touch and probably the best example of Conran fusing what he does best with a whole new vibe, which wasn't a complete success and at times seemed a little disjointed.

All in all it was new move for Conran who we most readily associate with timeless, classic design, not sure it will appeal to his usual clientele but it was a fun show all the same.

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