Friday, 6 April 2012

Wolf Tattoo Designs

If you are looking for a powerful tattoo image, consider the wolf tattoo. The Wolf image is indeed very attractive and also very eye-catching. They are much prized in many ancient cultures. The Native Americans had wolf tattoos done for themselves because they symbolized their ancestors and because they were considered as spiritual guides. In Norse mythology the wolf is venerated as a God. Similarly in Roman culture, the wolf was given similar importance as it was considered akin to the God Apollo.

Wolves are characterized by many personality traits. They symbolize characteristics such as loyalty, fearlessness, intelligence and they are also very devoted animals. They are quite tuned to their natural environment. They are also associated with darker emotions such as cruelty, cunning, stealth, ferocity and also evil. The reason as to why such negative aspects are associated with the world is because it can as an animal hunt from morning till night, it can communicate with others of its pack with its howl. These different attributes of the wolf made it to be considered as one associated with the shadow world, with shape-shifters and also cunning spirits.

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