Thursday, 5 April 2012

Cross Tattoos

Cross tattoos have crossed the religious barrier and are now being preferred by people for various reasons.  Whether you believe in Christianity or Celtic culture or Durids or magic, you can get yourself inked with a cross tattoo. From traditional to modern, all tattoo parlors will have many versions, some their own custom versions of the cross designs. There are some popular types of crosses with specific meaning and significance.
Iron cross or cross Moline is a symbol of loyalty and bravery among the English Knights. Cross tattoos signify the following the

  •     Magic Swords
  •     Queen
  •     Jousting Tournaments
  •     Dark Ages
  •     Fair Maidens
  •     Renaissance Periods
  •     Slaying Dragons
 The cross bars of this type of crosses are short and the bases wide. The modern designs include knives, barbwire and swords along with the iron cross. Gothic people prefer such modern iron cross tattoos.
Celtic cross tattoos are more colorful compared to other designs, which are primarily inked in black color. They feature geometric designs, intricate weaves, complex mazes, beautiful swirls, mythical creatures or fairies, trees, flowers, and animals in blues, greens and reds. Those who want to proclaim their Celtic, Irish, Welsh or Scottish heritage prefer these tattoos.
Christian cross tattoos, which are used to profess one’s faith, are of two types. One is a cloth draped over an empty wooden cross to signify the risen Lord. The other is a cross with the Christ on it. Catholics prefer draped rosary on their cross tattoo.
Grief tattoos, inked in the memory of deceased loved ones are mainly in cross designs with names and dates.  It is apt for grief therapy under cathartic means. Hispanic gangs use cross tats to proclaim Virgin Mary’s blessings or to remember a deceased gang member or as a form of gang identification. Whatever the reason or belief, cross tattoos are for everyone.

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