Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Wedding Makeup Tips

Wedding day is the most memorable and cherished day of one’s life. It is essential to get makeup perfectly flawless by a renowned beautician. Here are some useful tips related to it.

Get Facials

Never get facial a day before the wedding or at that day. Likewise pluck or wax eyebrows at least two days before the occasion
Don’t use alpha hydroxy or retin A cream a day before the wedding.

Before putting makeup the skin must be prepared by deeply cleansing and then moisturizing it 15 to 20 minutes before applying base.
Use concealar in very small amount, it can highlight the part of face it is heavily applied.
The shade of the foundation and concealer should be similar.


Apply foundation according to the tone of the skin. Don’t skip the neck, arms and feet. For oily skin use water based formula and dab gently with a loose powder to absorb extra oil and enhance its staying power. Use pigmented cream foundation then apply powder base over it.


Powder based blush is the most suitable of all. Ask the bride to smile then cover the area that naturally blushes. Keep it light otherwise it will look too artificial.

Light contouring of nose and face line is necessary. It should be done with the shades of browns not pinks.


Avoid using gloss. Use lipstick that lasts and is perfectly matched with the shades of the dress. For neutral colored outfit pink or red is appropriate. Dab talcum powder over the lipstick then apply another layer of it to make it more resistant. It is wise to apply with a brush and merge the outline with it. Blend two shades to have the required color tone. Use balm, lacquer or a primer on lips before applying lip color.
Lipliner should be similar in color with the lipstick or it will look a bit awkward.
Follow the natural lip outline. Do not apply beyond that it looks so ugly and untidy.
This is the most important area. Use light base over eye lids. Matching eye shadows with the dress color or motif look stunningly attractive. For brides it is heavy with two or more shades.
Apply eye liner black or colored as the requirement.
Use extended lash mascara. Let it dry then apply another coating to enhance the lashes. Mascara gel that is transparent can be a good alternate to black mascara if there is a strong chance of that leaving spots over the eye lids or below the eyes.
I hope these handy tips will certainly help a great deal in having a perfect makeup experience. Moreover, seek assistance from a makeup expert and do some internet surfing to get extra information.

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