Monday, 16 January 2012


Greetings and have a good evdomada.Tora the sit to write detail about how many games and omadares hit the dust, it will be torment for me and will fill the whole current I anartisi.Me short, in all leagues became the unspeakable and it was not hardly any favori.Milame great for funerals, must be of the worst gambling days, what time is stoichima.Oi boukides, exasfalisan not only old age but also their children and their children tous.Afto was another proof that nobody and can never be put together their most when there is no safe achasto.To football game and ruined by stoichima.Tora someone will tell me you play then; Answer I have not, like eilikrina.Meres Yesterday we say it was a good opportunity for someone to stop playing and dealing with all this filth of the companies, actors and remaining faces that have been found to harbor this game and thisafrizoun.Kai as always and everywhere, who pays the ; We! will deal only with what little I played games I chthes.O serpent thus not been able neither to a draw parei.Ok, dekto.I Udinese, until yesterday the most form team who skorpouse which she felt in front of, missed and was not meant nor goals by Larissa Italias.I Parma lost ... similar group that was all and all 3 wins in the league! we move .
The Salzburg could not beat the villagers

Lintser which also had forgotten what it means victory. You want the top; passes Mars eventually, even from thousands of two heart attacks, the wins and I lose my possible duo from Lyon, who in '90 wins 0-2 and finally the bunch expires 2-2! The I guess others are known to you all with an example only ... Real! not say anything else.

How then to a day like yesterday I came out with a profit; omos.Ta And I'd say that the skull and risk to live stoichimatismo.Proto bunch, I try to throw a considerable amount to double Mars in half, which pays 10 Curiously, 50! 15 minutes before she started the second, the company was playing with my nerves and patience mou.Anoige and locks then the panic stoichima.Tora what had happened in this game, do not know giati.Kai while I found the open the bet Well, not accept me and wrote something paparies.Kleidonei the beginning in the second half and keep it brief, I find it ultimately to yield 7.00 and playing without second skepsi.Sto 80 while he was in front of Mars, cover it and X and all ok! Specialty SH in Tripoli, I saw them all! to profit from Mars Well, I play and the evening duo that I wrote while I succeed in half and the double Juventus in very good apodosi.Paizane Well two of the worst teams in fetos.Axia double and single, which irthe.Meta from all this finally and I took what I had won and played well again but tosa.Kai leo.Afta to mention if only to emphasize that sometimes the live bets can be a sosei.Pantos worse than the dust and I can see you ... or we have not seen nothing yet;
Come on and in our protathlimataki that finally yesterday was of the cleanest in Europe.
The Ergotelis and defeated and closed many mouths exypnakidon that all week talking about STIMENO CH.O Iraklis lame wrong fetos.Oraio the saved game was in the Olympic-Kavala, with the winner proto.I Kavala stayed permanently out of five but is worth a big bravo for the whole of prospatheia.To most beautiful game was in Volos, the Olympic winner this! The dream remains very much alive in the city of Volos, in fact wants a degree to ensure the Evropi.Sto aek-fearless, win exoagonistiki soft and karagkiozilikia portion Indian figs fearless supporters could put a gkolaki but bad luck and now are playing with fire ... has already begun to kaigetai.O PAOK did his duty, secured the five and simultaneously killed the HORSE . one not away win in the championship, has no right and not worth talking about paramoni.Tora saves us a miracle song in Cabo and bon voyage to low patomata.Echete hello! At least stayed in the stadium to enjoy the other groups of Wu katigorias.Se very difficult position and the star, he did everything to lose ... and katafere.Idanikos suicide, lost in a penalty 90 and Ante now to see how the blessing sothei.Telika Kougia, to fall Tripoli looks very close to Serres pragmatikotita.Stis, the kids were doing a home potty a team with something players who wore the green fanela.I spoil the plate is the Nioplias kiolas.Gia MAKE A suma how many points had with him, and how many by Ferreira! Just as well and had Kotsoli yesterday otherwise the score would be much greater .. and fool of itself! making history again Panathinaikos telika.Telos in Corfu, the Panionara defeated and local groups and is sinking and the arbitrator and all the things that we have panivlakes zalisei had known the''brotherly''clubs,''shops''and resta.Lypamai for this and time again we are here to kyrioi.Entaxei, mathematics not yet finished, but need a degree and become the abnormalities but wanted paichnidia.Osoi Well Panionios in the second national, must be hurt poly.To yesterday talking about the historical people with low intelligence and great glossoula steeped in stupidity , has very plaka.O Panionios gentlemen, there is a simple group, an idea, is history, the history of Greek football and what you say about, make the crystal.
A big bravo to all yesterday in the team, players, Panther and Lemoni.Parolo in the beginning I could not look kindly on the advent of the final dude with diepsefse.Den know who will stay and who will leave the years, but must Lemonis LEFT anyway! So do Kontoes, Mahos, Syowa, Goundoulakis.Gia the Mitroglou I've said before, not loose and kapoious.Tou owe a huge thank you, good professionals, came in and did what he does very well.
Finally, we also betting simera.Meta but from yesterday will be very careful and play 2 Although, just to pass the time efcharista.Alloste, lived with what the previous two days, I can not wait and polla.Kai evdomada.Ta good old saying.

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