Monday, 31 October 2011

Happy Halloween

Halloween 2011 is finally here and we can celebrate after the recent air disaster (a blizzard October) rocked the Philadelphia region over the weekend. Thus, within two and a half months we had an earthquake or a hurricane, and the rainfall record, and the blizzard file. It was actually in 2011 for books.
If you do not take your children trick or treating or going to any other party, then you should check this night CNN Financial episode Ghost Hunters "live six hours. This year was going to the government hospital in the city of Pennhurst spring.

Last year, the Pennhurst turned it into a haunted house (dubbed Pennhurst asylum), which became an overnight success. This has been done already acclaimed as the most terrifying haunted house in America by many. Reviews of the haunted house illegal - is the real deal and then some. It's not often when you go to a haunted house, which is really history, unlike the majority of them that are fabricated.
For those of us who went there again on that day, when it was abandoned for that - we can attest to how weird this place.
Night, the team will TAPS revist the infamous Pennhurst State Hospital, a year after the investigation for the first time. Last year, when the crew was investigating Ghost Hunters, Episode epic to say the least. Saw apparitions, sounds crazy, and explosions.

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