Thursday, 15 September 2011

Unique Keyboard and Premium Design

We first got a chance to see the slider pad electrical and electronic equipment in the exhibition CES 2011, but consumers in the United States are still waiting for their chance to buy a CD with the innovative robot keyboard slide out. This week in the IDF, our friend Sasha in News Netbook Let's use a production model in Taiwan, he'd buy for the equivalent of $ 450 U.S. dollars so we were able to spend more quality time for inspiration. In our tests, and brief, we found a number of reasons to be impressed with the 10-inch, a list of NVIDIA Tegra-powered honey.
The first thing we noticed about Slider Pad electrical and electronic equipment is attractive, and again a soft texture and brown both sides. This surface not only make the painting more attractive, but it also makes it difficult to drop. This is done on a chocolate brown color scheme for the keyboard itself, while the backside portion of chrome adds a touch of another style. However, like most of the discs, and the frame front and a bright color screen is very black, which reflects ambient light easily.

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