Thursday, 15 September 2011

iPhone 5 Design

5 von rumors can live only on the proposals word of mouth a lot about the dates of the release features and slimmer. Sometimes you need a picture of the juice leaks easy to stay interested in a product yet to be, and detection. Fortunately, we have only this, courtesy of a page that does offer a short-lived von 5 cases on the case mate.
According to Boy Genius Report, accessories maker spilled the secret of the case mate in a big way, revealing an iPhone in the form of the 5 new designs to view page six of the next issue of the phone. I realized the case of error, and inflicted the matte images accordingly (see page updated here), but not before leaving their mark digital pictures.
Based on the pictures and seems that the iPhone will include five smaller file from the iPhone. Rumors of a design thinner and lighter for the next generation Apple phone could fly for months, and even this was not surprising. Show all images that the sleek design and sport some pointy edges, and there may be even longer aluminum on this model. As von 5 All but set to launch in October, and will know much more than that probably very soon.

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