Monday, 26 September 2011

Breezy Jacket for Spring 2012

I was flipping through New York Times Magazine and I came across a look I loved: a light blazer over a breezy summer shirt, complimented by a few delicate gold chains. Easy, simple to wear, and completely comfortable with jeans, shorts or khakis. Perfect for Spring.
I was gratified to find exactly what I was looking for on the Banana Republic website where the jackets aren't expensive. The Fitted Crinkle Chino Blazer is only $130.00.
The key word here is "fitted". I remember when Banana made everything in a box shape. How things have changed! Reviews on the Banana website even complain that the jacket runs small. Fortunately, Banana Republic offers free returns within 45 days, so sizes can be adjusted.
It's always a good day when a look from The New York Times can be had at Banana Republic - makes me feel like I've gotten a deal.... for a steal

A Breezy Jacket for Spring

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