Monday, 11 July 2011

Kelsey Wedeen

Name:                  Kelsey Wedeen
Birth Name:    Kelsey Ann Wedeen
Born On:           1979
Born In:            USA
Height:             5? 6?


Kelsey Wedeen Born in San Francisco, California, but grew up in Los Angeles. Is the smallest of the four girls in her family and granddaughter of “Kavanaugh Francis,” and one of the screenwriters in Hollywood is the first Western female. Kelsey spent the majority of young people training them to be Olympic gymnast, but she finally found her passion for the lost and made a leap in the arts. She began studying acting in Los Angeles and New York, and soon found herself on stage in theaters such as the famous Lee Strasberg Theatre, John Anson Ford Theater, theater, theater Note Holy Fools. I got to LA Weekly awards for her work in “dark” and “Holiday Carol Mulholland.” Cinema began her career with a lead role in a horror movie called low-budget detour. After weighing the evidence and the Queen of Scream, I went to book roles in several other horror movies, the curse of the forty-Niner, misconduct, and Lake of the Dead Lionsgate. Was able to branch out into comedy when he booked a small role as an Irish bride in Wedding Crashers and then went to produce and star in an artificial, 60s spy spoof, Scream of the Bikini, (which won “Best Actress” nomination). It’s not improv on the episodes of line Who’s ABC is it anyway and girls network oxygen and behave badly, and she appeared in several independent films again and short like “chameleon Karma”, “Blond,” and the recent indie drama “Konflooent” for the first time in the festival which was the film. Also writes and stars in a new comedy, everyone counts.

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