Saturday, 9 July 2011

Coffee is not Good for Pregnant Women?

Drink coffee often hinders women a chance of pregnancy, according to a new study.

Shows that caffeine reduces the activity of the muscles in the fallopian tubes that transport eggs from the ovaries of a woman s "to her womb.

"Our experiments conducted on mice, but this finding goes a long way to explain why drinking beverages that contain caffeine can reduce a woman," an opportunity to s of pregnancy, "said Professor Shane Ward of the University of Nevada School of Medicine, Reno, United States.

Human eggs a small microscope, but the need to travel to the womb of a woman s "if they are going to have a successful pregnancy.

Although the process is essential to the success of pregnancy, and scientists know little about how to move through the fallopian tubes and white muscle.

It was generally supposed that the hair is as small as projections, called cilia, in the lining of pipes and eggs along the breeze helps muscle contractions in the walls of the tube.

Through the study of tubes of mice, and discovered that Ward and his team stopped caffeine action of specialized cells in the pacemaker wall pipes.

These cells coordinate contractions tube so that when the eggs are discouraged and can "move tons, down pipes. In fact these muscle contractions play a greater role in the beating of the cilia move the egg toward the uterus.

"This provides an intriguing explanation for why women with high caffeine consumption and often take longer to conceive than women who do not consume caffeine," said Ward.

The discovery of the link between caffeine consumption and low fertility rate has benefits.

"As well as helping women who are likely to find it difficult to get pregnant, and a better understanding of the way fallopian tubes work will help doctors treat pelvic inflammatory disease, sexually transmitted diseases, more successful," said Ward.

It can also increase our understanding of what causes an ectopic pregnancy, a condition extremely painful, and potentially life-threatening embryos that get stuck in and start developing inside a woman "s the fallopian tube .

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