Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Tori Spelling

Tori Spelling and her two children in a very large car on Monday, while she was dropping her children, Liam, and Stella 4.3, to school.
Tori Spelling and said a car accident happened because of the large presence of aggressive photographer, who followed the trail from the School of Discovery in the Topham Street in Tarzana. Also tried to evade him, she put the vehicle in the opposite direction and crashed into a wall.
After a car accident, and a representative said, “is really shaken up, but Torre and the children are okay. It’s going to the doctor for a checkup.” However, one injured, but Tori Spelling, who expecting her third child, and has a preventive visit her doctor for a check.
Has been moved 38 years Tori Spelling to the doctor after the incident frightening for her unborn child after verification. Shortly after the incident, and Torre took the spelling of her Twitter account to reveal details of a car accident, and that all children in the back of the car.
Posted Oxygen reality star, “paparazzi chased me w / children 2school. I was trying to keep away from him, and the incident was too large. Took down the whole wall of the school.” However, the incident did not prevent the hunt photographer Spelling.
He added, Tori Spelling, “I do not still thn went out to try to get the photos. School mothers 10 chased him away. Wht will it take? People die in order to stop the paparazzi? To go to the Dr. now to check on the child, and I think shock only.”
The officer Rosario Herrera, a spokeswoman for the Los Angeles Police Department said the incident occurred around 10 am on Monday. According to the Los Angeles police, “It hit the curb near the school and that no one was hurt. There will be no further investigation. Herrera said that Tori Spelling has not hit a wall of the school.
The pregnant star to carry the third in April. Tori Spelling, 44 years), husband Dean McDermott are already parents to a boy and a girl. The imminent arrival of a third because of October.
During her appearance in the Simon G. Jewelry ‘s annual summer evening in Las Vegas on Saturday, and “Beverly Hills 90210″ alum said, who was elected to the couple does not know the sex of their child. Tori Spelling common, “‘We have been blessed with a boy and a girl before, so this time we decided to do it the traditional way and do not know the sex.

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