Monday, 20 June 2011

Jill Scott

Wanted when it came to Jill Scott's music scene a little more than a decade, to let the world know of her - that she named her first album, which is Jill Scott? Since then, the Philadelphia native won three Grammys, and sold all over the world 5000000 records, and starred in a number of movies and TV shows - from the movie Tyler Perry's why you got married? HBO series to the detective agency and women's No. 1. "
Now Scott is back in the mix music with a new album, out this Tuesday, and called the light of the sun. At the weekend, she tells all the things in mind for the guests to the host Laura Sullivan that while some of the moments on the record and other mysterious deeply personal, are seldom decisions about what is revealed in the song with premeditation.
"Not everything is up to the conversation;? Not everything is up for art, but I can discern the truth of what is and what is not the question," she says. "Especially with this record, I was really just standing in front of the microphone and the Opacity to a musician. I go back a few hours later and there are six songs from start to finish."
Scott character in why you got married? Woman endures a lot of emotional abuse at the hands of the husband flirt. She says that singing about heartbreak, such as the light path of the sun, "I hear my call," is more like acting because it requires getting inside the character.
"I know I'm not the only one who felt lost and confused by a broken heart," she says. "[This is a song] in fact very difficult for me to sing live, because I have to embody those things in order to give permission to everyone in the audience to feel something."
Scott does not play an instrument themselves, so they rely on a trusted team of musicians to help bring music into being. According to this process is to create more information about the mood to follow any specific structure.
"I give them to win with my mouth, I give them notes, and then describe the texture," says Scott. "I tell them, 'It's hot in the south and there are mosquitoes everywhere, and you're drinking corn liquor to keep them away and the woman of your favorite --... do not have a woman only - decided it's going to marry someone else now. Play."

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