Saturday, 18 June 2011

Amanda Knox

Saw the convicted child killer in the courtroom today that the Italian was not involved American college student Amanda Knox was killed in 2007 from her chamber.
Said Mario Alessi, who was convicted in the kidnapping and killing of an Italian child, he was told by Drifter Rudy Guede that Knox and her former boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito were innocent and were not related to the assassination of the room and stabbed his friend Knox, Guede that even in death.
According to The Associated Press Alessi and claimed that "the knife seems almost out of nowhere," and quoted as saying that Guede was noted in the throat after Kercher refused to have sex with Guede and his friend.
Alessi is one of several witnesses who testified at the hearing of appeals Knox today.
Knox was sentenced to 26 years and got Sollecito 25 years following their conviction in 2009.
Guede was found guilty of murder and sentenced to 16 years.
Have been found fingerprints Guede saliva on the victim, his hand prints in the blood was on the wall of the bedroom, in the room, and DNA, which was on the victim's bra and purse.
Guede was convicted after a trial quickly. His appeal was dismissed.
Claim was rejected by Guede Alessi.
He claimed that he and Alessi Guede became friends in prison, but while the cut off the relationship after Guede told him "two innocent people were in prison."
Were called three other witnesses to support the claim Alessi, including the Marco Castelluccio, Det.
According to the Associated Press that he heard his testimony Catelluccio Guede argued that Knox and Sollecito were innocent.
Stabbed Kercher family's lawyer Alessi credibility by bringing up the criminal record.

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