Sunday, 3 April 2011

Brittany Murphy Wallpapers

Brittany Murphy and a world class American actress, model and singer who got the name in the industry through professional and personal handyman. I was born on November 10 in 1977, in a middle class family. Her mother always believed in her acting abilities and this was the belief that to make their transition to the state of California to drop everything. She made her Broadway debut in 1997 on the look of the bridge, and this was a great success. Appeared in numerous television programs such as Parker Lewis can not lose, Venus, seaQuest 2032, killing one and Frasier, a guest. She stared in many films a tremendous success, including the ignorant in 1995; Girl, Interrupted in 1999; drop dead gorgeous in the year 1999, do not say one word in 2001; and adapted television and the novel Devil calculation in 2001, along with 8 Mile in 2002 and Uptown Girls in 2003.
It was her last film drama thriller, was abandoned in 2010. She did only a few modeling jobs in her career, one of the most prominent being a spokesmodel for Jordache jeans in 2005. Monjack was married to Simon, a writer for the British screen. On December 20, 2008, she collapsed in her bathroom. And taken to the hospital and found him dead. He said initially reported that the cause of her death may be drug abuse, but the investigation later revealed she was suffering from pneumonia and anemia, and the taking of anti-inflammatory medications repiratory. With in the year of her death, her husband, died in a similar way in the same housing, with the same symptoms. It was said that the reason may be possible to mold in her home, but that also was ruled out. Today, living in the hearts of many fans who adore her work all over the world.

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