Saturday, 26 March 2011

first nights scenes

Hello to you, comrades. You have reached the personal blog of writer and English teacher. I was working in Moscow, PKC, H. in Russia. Did not end well, so I sued. Currently, I am a teacher of English as a Foreign Language in Seoul, Korea.
The first night in Korea. I was hanging out with a large group of people at the bar. On the side of one of the lawyers, and you hear this one young dude bragging about how many Korean girls he was going to fuck.
He sat on the table, a few more people. I tend to the girl next to me and pointed. “This man is a fucking loser,” I said.
The man who sits directly on the other side of me straight in my face, amused. “Do not judge,” he said. (A few weeks later, this charming young man last this situation as his Facebook: Reminder to self-determination, do not shit where you eat and when you unfriended him).
Maybe there was 15 or 20 of us in the bar that night, and half of us against the wall. The other half in the chairs on the other side of the tables. The tables are pushed together. Was at some point, and decides that we need to pay some of the tables away from each other, to create tracks so that people sitting against the wall can easily be left to go to the bathroom (and before all that crawl under the table / people bit).
I was sitting next to this man, and we were talking (about what, I can not remember). What I remember is this: with the new path that was created, was separated me and my colleague the conversation.
Rolled his eyes and said, “We are not far apart,” and I knew immediately how it seemed to me. I was immediately aware of what you have said, and how he has taken, and I tell you, I felt so embarrassed.
The next day, spotted two people that I had in conversing with the previous night. I saw them in the cafeteria. Building on their vision, and I was very happy to see familiar faces in a sea of ??foreigners. And waved at me and grinned enthusiastically.
I tell you, I felt very much like a little girl, and a new girl, alone, and the desire to be friends a lot that people can smell my weakness and veered away from the reaction and disgust.
I am talking with a friend to me for my social world. “We bonded a lot through guidance!” I said. “We were like, we’re going to be real friends like these! Are all the alcohol only? Was all just nonsense?”
And dear friend of mine told me that she knew of this old dog and the dog’s owner did not heed the advice from fellow dog owners, which was: to keep the dog inside. Because it can not other dogs smell of death and they do not wish to do so.
How I would like your feedback last openly and honestly. I honestly do not spend a lot of time in bars. But I had similar experiences as it seems I’m having other foreigners who may not behaivor best. It is sad really.

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